Cardon Copy


I stumbled upon Cardon Copy the other day and really enjoyed the work that Cardon Webb had posted.  He takes “the vernacular of self distributed fliers and tear-offs we have all seen in our neighborhoods,” redesigns them, and then replaces the original flier. Aside from the written description, the designs are fun and I liked the contrast of the original fliers with his over-designed versions. Since I’ve been looking for a new project to keep me busy, I decided to give it a shot with a flier from the mailbox area in my apartment complex.

Here’s the original flier:


And here’s my new version:


I’m printing this and posting it in the original spot on Monday.

Takes the vernacular of self distributed fliers and tear-offs we have all seen in our neighborhoods, redesigns them, and then replaces the original flier.

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Couldn’t Sleep


Last night I couldn’t sleep thanks to a horrible ingrown toenail.  Before I woke up at 1:30, I had a dream that I was cutting it out on my own.  After I woke up I was up for hours.

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What I Did With Free Time


I used to have a lot of free time.  I had a whole series of adventures planned out for this guy, including a trip into my coworker’s cubicle to water her plants, but this is as far as I got with it.

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Cycling, Housework, and a Visitor

A few new things are going on here. It’s starting to warm up a bit in Brevard, and that means I’m transitioning from running to cycling. I’ve really enjoyed running, but at the same time I’m getting a little bored with it, and I’m excited to have the chance to get on my bike outside and not freeze.

My first ride of the season was a 20 mile ride on back roads around Brevard. Except for one incident, I really enjoyed the ride and really noticed the strength that my legs had from past months of running. Looping around a small valley out towards Crab Creek Road, I came up on a section of road that takes an almost 90 degree turn.

the turnAs I was nearing the turn I saw a car coming the opposite way. It wasn’t moving exceptionally fast, but I kept an eye on it just in case. Coming toward the corner (I was on the green arrow side in the image), I moved out towards the yellow lines, and then started turning out towards the white line (in my lane) so I would hit the apex of the corner and would be able to keep my speed. As I was at the edge of the white line, I see that the driver of the car decided he would shave off .15 seconds from his drive and cut into my lane. As he was coming over, I noticed he didn’t see me at all. I hit the brakes and my bike was almost completely sideways, my tires skidding and leaving black marks on the asphalt. At the very last moment, for some reason the driver decided to look up, possibly he heard me yelling “WHAT THE FUCK ASSHOLE?!” at the top of my lungs, or saw me skidding towards a head on collision with his Honda, and jerked the car out of my way.

I’ve said this before: I think I handle situations like this very well. Some people freeze up and react by doing nothing, some people panic and cause more damage, but when I’ve been in situations that are like this, I have control over myself and generally act to fix the situation as fast as my brain can function. I also tend to react with some anger.

It was odd to see the car coming straight at me. For those few seconds I was calculating how to get out of the situation, where to turn, how much to pull on the brakes, what would happen if the car hit me, how I should possibly turn my body to roll over the car’s roof, because that’s what I had decided would happen if I didn’t go through the windshield. It was interesting, afterward, to go over what I had thought about in such a short time.

Luckily, I was fine, and there was no collision. The car did slow down and almost stop right after, and I saw that it was a newer gold/champagne Honda with a Brevard College Faculty parking sticker on the back window. After a second of staring at it, I decided I would go tell them to watch the hell out next time, and then they split. The car sped off, and I tried to chase it, but even with the adrenaline and my strong legs, there was no way I was catching it. Oh well.

My second ride of the season was last Thursday. I rode 276 up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was an hour and 20 minutes of almost constant climbing. Riding 276 sure does hurt sometimes, but it’s amazing fun and I always get a huge sense of accomplishment when I finish. My third ride was yesterday. I went on a 30 mile ride out towards Hendersonville, through DuPont Forrest and then down 276 into town. There is a good bit of climbing on that ride as well. It’s fun to get back out on the bike, and I’m hoping I’ll be in a lot better shape for the Assault on the Carolinas this year.

In other news, Scott and I installed the range hood over the stove. I had to run new wiring to the hood. It looks nice. Now it’s time to finish mudding and sanding the office so we can move stuff in there and have less clutter in the rest of the house.

Scott and I have had a visitor since Saturday. He’s an orphan dog that I found in our neighbor’s yard. He has a shock collar on, but no tags. I put a notice up on Craigslist, a classified ad in the Transylvania Times, and called Animal Control. So far there haven’t been any emails from Craigslist, the newspaper said the ad wouldn’t get put in until Thursday, and the Animal Control people start their week on Wednesday apparently, so he’s just been hanging out at the house with us. I hope that his owners come get him soon, because he’s a really sweet dog and I’m sure they’re missing him.

I’ll post a picture of him tonight. For now I’m running around trying to figure out what happened to the server at work.

Oh, also, I finished the design for my portfolio site.

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Design Stuff, Music Stuff, Job Stuff, Exercise Stuff

I did a new design for my portfolio website and I really like it. It’s a lot better than what had been up there. I need to add more samples of my work, but that won’t take long at all. You might have noticed I changed the look of my blog, and now they look somewhat similar. I like the continuity.

Speaking of my portfolio website, I’ve sent out another huge round of resumes. I must have sent 100 applications/resumes out. Let’s hope something turns up, because I certainly need a new job.

There aren’t any big plans for this weekend, but I’m ok with that. I’ve got a new schedule for working out and running, so Saturday should be a long run, and I’ve been missing trail running so I’ll probably head into Pisgah to go on a long one. Plus, I need to start saving some money for this “spring break” thing that’s being planned. A long weekend in Florida staying in a place for free near the beach sounds great.

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What do I do at work?

I’m sure you’re all wondering.  And thanks to the magic of digital photography and the internet, I’m going to show you.

First off, I actually do do work.  (haha do do)

Secondly I do things like draw stick figures, which I post places like so:

These stick figures generally look like this:

Take a nice long look at that last one.

Ok, it’s time to go.  What a day: three posts on here!

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Back to it. Back to the routine, back to work, back to the house, back to Brevard.

It was great to get away for a while. The trip to Laramie somewhat satisfied my wanderlust for a little bit, but I think it also stoked my desire to travel again. There’s something inside of me that constantly makes me want to move. There have been very few things that have made that feeling stop, but they’re pretty much gone now. I should have just left on a trip when my last job fell through. I enjoyed helping Scott work on his house, and I think we’re going to start working again very soon, but now I’ve got this itch to get on the move again. I guess I’ll just try to ignore it and humor it with running.

My laptop died a horrible death the other day. I ordered another one and it should be here tomorrow.

I ordered a bunch of 7″ records lately, and I’m going to start converting vinyl to cd’s for some family friends. I figured I’ll put up a Craigslist post as well if I can figure out a decent hourly rate.

While I’m still working on getting some sort of portfolio designed for, I put up some samples of my work at Hopefully that’ll help me get a few freelance gigs.

Scott’s gone until Saturday, and living alone again is interesting. I tend to be a hermit when I live alone.

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Worst Band Names, More Running, New Songs

The Onion’s A.V. Club has released their list of the worst band names of 2007. There are some real gems on there, but I actually liked a few of the names. One of my personal favorites was Fixed Gears are for Jerks and Lesbians. No offense, Evan.

It was a good weekend with Jeff and Liz visiting. Liverpool lost to United at home. Not much fun to see that.

Jeff and I did write a new song (mostly it was him) called I Can’t I Have Rehearsal. A few years ago, Jeff and I had been told that there would be a party at one of our friend’s (we’ll call her Lady) apartment and that we should go. Since there was nothing else going on in Rome, Ga (big surprise), we went. However, something had been lost in translation when they told us about the “party.” It turned out to be a “let’s watch the finale of this fashion reality show on tv” party. Everyone was sitting around, staring at the tv and shooting us mean looks when we laughed or talked, and one ridiculously dorky guy was wearing a shirt that said, you guessed it, “I Can’t I Have Rehearsal.” It didn’t say anything else. Just that. What a huge disappointment of a night that turned out to be.

We also started on a new song called ([Don’t Want] No) Pop-Punk Girl. It’ll be as typically pop punk as we can make it, and it’s sounding great already.

I’ve been working on the design for my personal portfolio site and am aiming to have it finished within a couple of weeks. At the moment it features a very cheery sun and a nice sky blue background. I finished a label for the promo DVD at work, and a little Christmas mailer that will go along with it. It’s always nice to work on creative stuff, even if people don’t expect much out of it. I hope to raise expectations for printed/web stuff at work, and I think I’ve got a good start on that so far.

I’ll go for a long run today, as I didn’t get any exercise this weekend. I want to be ready for the cross country skiing in Wyoming. Plus the altitude won’t help.

I need to start taking pictures again.

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