New Things

I’m in need of new running shoes again. I feel like this is going to keep happening sooner and sooner each time.

I saw Mike last night. I went down to help him move some heavy furniture, and then walked over to Park Tavern for dinner and then The Independent for Trivial Pursuit and drinks.

Got some free plants from work on Friday. I ended up getting a bunch, and planted 90% of them tonight. Here’s some of what I have growing on the patio right now:

I had some leftover seeds from last year, so I threw a ton of lettuce seeds in a long container. I sprinkled some flowers around the outside as well. We’ll see how they do.

There’s more, obviously:

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I need a new job

If for no other reason than to pay for all of the races I want to run (that and other, more mature reasons).

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Easy Going

I took some photos of some native plants that they’re selling at work. I’ve used them in marketing material for work but I like them so I figured I’d post them here.

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Trips and Stumbles

Despite my sprained ankle less than two weeks from my first marathon, I’m getting more and more excited about the race.

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Moving forward

Well as I’d stated before, I’ve been busy lately. I had the quarterly newsletter to put together at work and then had my biggest mileage week yet training for the Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon (what a ridiculous name, right?). Things are back on track though. I’ve also had some decent beer lately.

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Knee pain

While I’m still progressing on my marathon training, I have had a few weeks where I haven’t stuck to the schedule. It’s been a little frustrating but I know I’m going to be well prepared for the marathon.

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Back to it

The past week has been one of those predictable back-to-work-but-still-feeling-like-I’m-on-vacation weeks. Keeping a regular running schedule has helped though. It’s kinda tough going from this:

to this:

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Beer tasting, Fort Collins, Laramie

For the Christmas holiday, I flew out to Denver to be with my family in Laramie. Evan picked me up at the airport on Thursday after a packed flight. We headed straight to Fort Collins to visit a few breweries before we drove up to Laramie.

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It’s cold out there. And some photos.

It was 15 degrees with 15mph winds at 6 a.m. this morning and yet I still went out on a run. At this point I’m not going to let the weather keep me from running.

Though it was cold, I was somewhat ready for it. I had tights, shorts, two polyester shirts, a wool cycling jersey, a cotton long sleeved shirt, a jacket, thin gloves and socks over those gloves, and a hat on.

I’m not used to this kind of cold, we don’t normally get temperatures like this in Georgia. But I’ve committed to running through the winter, and I am really glad I’ve stuck to it. I feel so much better knowing I have the discipline to run in weather like this, and I know I’m building mental and physical toughness because of it.

Anyways, I wish I had some more money for a real set of winter running gear, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. Plus this won’t last a long time. Might as well wait and spend the money on something I’ll use more.


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Longer Morning Runs

I have one longer run during the week, usually scheduled on Wednesdays. Since I in the mornings, I tend to wake up pretty early and get going. I’m a morning person even though its a little tough to first get out of bed.

I had usually been running a route towards Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and then back, but Thursday morning I decided to do some loops around roads right near the apartment. It made all the difference.

Even though the temperature was down in the low 20s, I was feeling pretty good. A cup of coffee and a Jet Blackberry GU (look for a product review soon) with double caffeine woke me up.


Here are the stats from the run:

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