I got roped into driving to Miami for work and doing some recruitment fairs for the camp. I am really really not happy about this whole thing, but I basically couldn’t say no. Added bonus: I’m staying at a coworker’s (a coworker that I really know know all that well) sister’s house. Awkwardness awaits!

The one small good thing is that I’ll be passing through Savannah, so I’ll get to see Jeff and Liz.

So today I’m getting everything together and ready for a way-too-long drive. I think I’m going to set up my video camera (and bring a lot of tapes), record the drive down, and then put it all together so the two of you that read this can watch a very short version of me slowly going crazy over 12 hours in a car by myself. At least that’ll give me something to do, even if it’s pretty pointless. Maybe I’ll find a truck stop and get some west coast turnarounds. No. No, I won’t.

In other news, I’m wearing hats again. I decided it was a good idea. Also, my hair is getting long again. Last time it got really long I had a glorified mullet. It was pretty awesome and yet I hated it. So, we’ll see how long it gets this time. I’m sure I’ll end up shaving it again like I always do and then every girl I know will ask “Why’d you do that?” and I’ll say “Because I wanted to.”

If you can’t tell from the last.fm (it’s a plugin for my iTunes that displays to all of you what I’ve been listening to. click on that link and see my profile) deal I put up on the sidebar of this site, I’ve been listening to a lot of Treephort. They have some great, funny songs.

Ok. I need to get stuff organized for tomorrow. Great.