Even more blogging

I took this at work the other day. I am now in charge of a blog for the nature center and so I’ll be writing more about nature and taking more photos. It’s going to keep me busy but I think it’ll be a good thing. I’ll post the link on here when we decide to go live with it.

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Oh No, Not Again

I’m struggling to keep updating this website, which is sad. Not because I think it’s all that great, but because I don’t really spend a whole lot of time on it in the first place. I’ve been splitting my time between a few things lately.

I just went live with a website I was creating for Total Soccer Academy. You can see it here (though it’s live, there are still changes to make).

I’m also working on recreating the blog I had while I was on my 2005 bike tour from Kentucky to Wyoming. I have all of the old blog entries posted, about half of my nightly journal entries posted, about 1/3 of the photos posted, and a pretty shoddy design. I hope to finish everything in the next two weeks, and at that point I’ll post about it on here.

The weather lately has been rough. Yes, I’m talking about the weather. I’m ready for spring.

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