Old Habits Die Hard

I’ve cut out most caffeine for the last two weeks, and have had I think two cups of coffee in that time. I was starting to feel pretty rough, so I started having one cup of tea in the mornings. I still end up feeling really rough around 3pm each day, but I’m sure that won’t last a whole lot longer. I’m really glad it’s Friday. I just wish I could be outside today seeing as it’s going to be sunny and 60 degrees.

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A Library

I’m starting a spreadsheet to keep track of all of my books, records, and DVDs (as well as digital videos). I have a ton of books, and sometimes staring at the shelves can be overwhelming, so it will be nice to be able to refer back to a document with everything listed in whatever order I want.

On the caffeine front, I had half a cup of tea this morning. I’m doing fine, but a little disappointed I drank that. I didn’t really need it. Also, just so no one thinks I’ve turned into some crazy Mormon teetotaler, I’m just doing this for two weeks. Then I’ll probably go back to having a cup of coffee a day, but not the pot a day I was drinking.

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More of the Same Again

The caffeine withdrawal symptoms have gone down a lot today. I haven’t felt as exhausted and haven’t had a headache either.

I’m excited for this long weekend coming up. I’m hoping to make a few copies of Plone Taps and to get a few small projects done around the apartment. I’ll probably eat at Handi or Chicora Alley for dinner this weekend.

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Now With Less Caffeine!

Yesterday was my first day without caffeine in a while. I bought some decaf coffee over the weekend in anticipation of this two-week attempt at surviving without any caffeine. The decaf coffee helped a little because I was able to enjoy my routine.  Since about 9:00 yesterday morning I felt like I have the beginnings of a cold. I have a slight headache. Even though we went to sleep a little early, I feel like I got a terrible night of sleep. I’m tired and my mental focus is not very sharp. Lately I’ve been drinking way too much coffee a day, and I know my sleep is probably suffering because of it. Hopefully this two weeks will help.

If not, well then my first cup back will be glorious.

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Caffeine Free Monday

Well it’s the first monday of 2010, and I haven’t had any caffeine. I am going caffeine free for the next two weeks. This should be interesting, as I’ve basically been drinking coffee since I was, what, 10?

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