Merry Christmas?

Oops, I forgot to post things. Merry Christmas.

I made the tags and then used butcher paper and twine to wrap presents this year. I think I’ll do this every year.

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Beer tasting, Fort Collins, Laramie

For the Christmas holiday, I flew out to Denver to be with my family in Laramie. Evan picked me up at the airport on Thursday after a packed flight. We headed straight to Fort Collins to visit a few breweries before we drove up to Laramie.

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Even More Moleskine

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Merry Christmas

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More Christmas


Every year my mom’s side of the family comes over to my parents’ house before Christmas. I usually tend to just drink beer and watch the festivities, but most of them end up playing Tripoley for pennies. Everyone came over this past weekend. I hadn’t seen them all since the wedding in August.

This weekend I will be getting the last Christmas gifts and hopefully watching it snow a little as well. is predicting a little bit for us tomorrow afternoon/night. I’m going to pick up firewood and extra beer after work today. I expect the grocery store to be annoyingly packed.

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More Like Christmas


This year’s Christmas will be a lot different than any I’ve had before.  My parents are going 0ut to Wyoming to spend Christmas with Amanda and Evan. I’ve never spent a Christmas away from my family.  I’m jealous that they get to spend time out in Laramie. I was out there for Christmas two years ago and I loved it.

This past weekend I went down to Roswell to see my parents and see my mom’s side of the family.  Before everyone came over to the house for our annual party, Mom and Dad gave me my gifts, and they were really generous. One of my favorite things they do is give me something small and funny. In the past they’ve given me a Chia pet. This year I got an Eye Grow. It seems like it’s basically a small Chia pet type deal. Anyhow, when I got home yesterday, I watered it and set it going.

I need to set up a light box so I can better photograph stuff.

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