Longer Morning Runs

I have one longer run during the week, usually scheduled on Wednesdays. Since I in the mornings, I tend to wake up pretty early and get going. I’m a morning person even though its a little tough to first get out of bed.

I had usually been running a route towards Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and then back, but Thursday morning I decided to do some loops around roads right near the apartment. It made all the difference.

Even though the temperature was down in the low 20s, I was feeling pretty good. A cup of coffee and a Jet Blackberry GU (look for a product review soon) with double caffeine woke me up.


Here are the stats from the run:

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Fall Mornings

It was 51 degrees when I woke up at 7 this morning. I started some coffee brewing in the french press, grabbed a book I haven’t read in maybe 10 years, pulled on a flannel shirt and jeans and sat out on the patio enjoying it all. I think early Fall mornings might be my favorite time of year. They’re similar to early Spring mornings, but the cold doesn’t have the same bite to it.

The temperature today isn’t supposed to get higher than 70, but it’s still sunny out. I love it like this.

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Need Some Coffee

Much like Cozmo, I need some coffee. Got a lot going on.

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Old Habits Die Hard

I’ve cut out most caffeine for the last two weeks, and have had I think two cups of coffee in that time. I was starting to feel pretty rough, so I started having one cup of tea in the mornings. I still end up feeling really rough around 3pm each day, but I’m sure that won’t last a whole lot longer. I’m really glad it’s Friday. I just wish I could be outside today seeing as it’s going to be sunny and 60 degrees.

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Now With Less Caffeine!

Yesterday was my first day without caffeine in a while. I bought some decaf coffee over the weekend in anticipation of this two-week attempt at surviving without any caffeine. The decaf coffee helped a little because I was able to enjoy my routine.  Since about 9:00 yesterday morning I felt like I have the beginnings of a cold. I have a slight headache. Even though we went to sleep a little early, I feel like I got a terrible night of sleep. I’m tired and my mental focus is not very sharp. Lately I’ve been drinking way too much coffee a day, and I know my sleep is probably suffering because of it. Hopefully this two weeks will help.

If not, well then my first cup back will be glorious.

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Caffeine Free Monday

Well it’s the first monday of 2010, and I haven’t had any caffeine. I am going caffeine free for the next two weeks. This should be interesting, as I’ve basically been drinking coffee since I was, what, 10?

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I got up at 6 this morning and ran. It’s better than a pot of coffee.

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