Beer tasting, Fort Collins, Laramie

For the Christmas holiday, I flew out to Denver to be with my family in Laramie. Evan picked me up at the airport on Thursday after a packed flight. We headed straight to Fort Collins to visit a few breweries before we drove up to Laramie.

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Great Birthday

This weekend was great. I had some great food, I got to see my grandma and grandpa, and I got a great long run in.

Today, my actual birthday, was great even if I had to work. It was a beautiful day out and I got to have dinner with my parents, grandma, and my uncle and aunt.  I’m pretty stuffed full of food and cake right now though.

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday!

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It’s A Day Late, But…

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  I couldn’t have had better parents, and I know that some of the best parts of my personality come from both of them. I can’t even imagine what 32 years is like to look back on in a relationship (and with my memory, I’ll just have to trust Sara to fill me in).

As a side note, it’s funny to me that the same clock is still sitting on that mantle. Wait, unless it’s on the other fireplace mantle. See: terrible memory.

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Another Old One


Probably my favorite photo of my dad on his own.

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This morning I went through and scanned some old photos I’ve had in a box under the bed. This is one of my favorite photos of my dad and I.

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