Sweet Potato Souffle

There’s a potluck Thanksgiving lunch at work on Friday. I basically had to sign up, so I’ve decided to make Sweet Potato Souffle. And of course I had to remind myself by post-it note.


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A Bike Commute Story

Yep. Bike commuting is fun. Cars are not.

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Even More Moleskine

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More Moleskine

I haven’t had much free time lately, but I do still try to draw/whatever in my Moleskine.

In other news, some friends are visiting tonight. We’re going out downtown for new years and all.

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What do I do at work?

I’m sure you’re all wondering.  And thanks to the magic of digital photography and the internet, I’m going to show you.

First off, I actually do do work.  (haha do do)

Secondly I do things like draw stick figures, which I post places like so:

These stick figures generally look like this:

Take a nice long look at that last one.

Ok, it’s time to go.  What a day: three posts on here!

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