Spring: first with a bang, then a wimper

This early Spring season has been interesting. First with 80-something degree days, and now with more normal 60 degree temperatures. If anything, the warm weather was a great reminder of how fun running can be in the summer. It’s nice to run without a shirt on. The warmth also brought some early plant growth, and I went out on the trails at work the other day to see what was growing. The first picture is of a fiddlehead fern. More specifically, it is a Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides).

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More flowers?

I need to get some photos of other stuff. In other news, I ran this morning. 1.5 miles. I could have run farther, but I’m still pretty nervous about my achilles.

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Cold Morning

It was 46 when I got to work this morning. Still, I went out to take some photos for the new blog at work. I liked this one a lot. The flowers are Tatarian Aster.

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I’m So Lazy

Yet another photo from the weekend.

Yesterday at work I got an email about free plants that the horticulturalist was giving away. I ended up with two flats of salvia and some milkweed. I also got three Thai chili plants, and a few other flowers. It was funny driving home, I had a tv that Sara’s dad had given us in the backseat and every other free spot filled with plants.

This afternoon I potted some of the flowers and planted the chilis in a big container. I’ll post some pictures of our patio tomorrow.

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I went home over the weekend to have Easter dinner with my family. I had a great time and ate some great food. My mom gave me some flowers, which I put in a planter that had some kale in it over the winter.

It’s been pretty hot lately, and even got up to 91 yesterday.

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I’ve Been Slacking


It feels sorta lazy to take a photograph of flowers sitting on the table, but it’s better than nothing. I haven’t done much with my camera lately. Not really in the last year, sadly.

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