Found On My Run

I actually found this the same day that I found this little gem. It appears that SGI is a server company. This was sitting in the grass next to the St. Francis Hospital parking lot.

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Found On My Run

So I was out running the other day, and passed this by. From a few feet away, it looked pretty odd. After picking it up, it still looked pretty odd. I’ve tried to remove any real identifying info, just because. I really don’t understand the date in the top left though. Is this sheet really 8-9 years old?

Most of the time I just see trash while on my runs around here, but I love finding random stuff like this.

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Found On My Run


On a run the other week, I contemplated starting a new website called Found On My Run. I tend to pass by something mildly interesting on each run, and sometimes I’m sure there’s some sort of story behind the items. Anyhow, I thought about a separate website, but I suppose I can just post it all here.

This sign/placard/whatever was once secured to a drain for a sewer in Greenville, but it came off somehow.  It’s been sitting around for months in the same place, and the City has actually replaced it.  For some reason they left this one sitting around. It’s some sort of metal and was stuck to the sidewalk/drain with what looks like Liquid Nails.

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