New Way to See

My mom gave me an awesome early birthday gift. It’s a great lens, and as you can see here, it takes some pretty good macro shots. Actually it does much better than this, but my compact flash card is screwing up so many of the photos I took today were corrupted.

I found this caterpillar while I was watering the tons of plants I have out on our balcony.

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Bugs and Peppers

All of my plants are doing really well, and I’m pretty happy to have the little container garden so far. I still miss having Scott’s back yard as a garden, but this is working out pretty well where we are at the moment. One thing I’ve never really had to deal with so far is bugs eating my plants. Call me lucky, but it was never a concern. But over the last few days, something has been chewing up my pepper plants. Whatever it is doesn’t really seem to mind if its eating the bell pepper leaves or the hot banana pepper leaves.

Well I finally went out and bought some Sevin. I was going to get the dust, as my dad had advised, but I found they had a spray and so I got that. It was about the same price, plus I felt alright leaving the bottle outside. I also bought some bird netting to put over my tomato plants. The birds around here have been pecking at the green tomatoes and that was making them rot before they had the chance to ripen.

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Quick Basil

It’s hard to believe thisĀ  basil grew so quickly. I might need to transplant this soon. The parsley, however, is another story. It’s barely growing, and though I started some more seeds, they’re not doing a thing.

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