Since I’m already so busy, I figured I’d start a blog about beer. So far all I have are reviews up at the moment, but I’ll start writing some articles about various other topics having to do with beer. Go check it out.

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Those are Chimney Swifts. They’re hard to take a good photo of.

Today was great. I ran 4.25 miles and I loved it. This was my first real run since the Asheville half marathon last month. It felt great, too.

In other news, I’ve apparently decided that I needed to start a blog about beer, and that I needed yet another thing to spend my time on. So I guess once I get everything looking ok, I’ll link to that on here. I’ve written all of two entries so far, but I can see it being worth doing (if for no other reason than to buy new, different beers [heck yes]).

I also bought a new little plant for my desk in my man cave. Yes.

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