Whenever I go to a thrift store, I look through their records and tapes.  There’s usually something pretty interesting or funny.  I started making uniform inserts for the tapes because I like how it looks on my shelf, and it’s something to do at work when I’m bored.  Here are some of the tapes I’ve found:

The Liberty Boys is a group that sings terrible country about Jesus and the army and semi-patriotic songs. I guess my cover for the tape tends to editorialize.

Songs You Should Hear is a mixtape I’m making for Sara with a bunch of pop punk (I used the sign language for “deaf” on the sleeve [clever, I know]).

Songs To Make Love To is a mixtape someone made full of Journey and the like.  I can’t imagine anyone made love to that music.  Whoever made it actually wrote “SONGS TO MAKE LOVE TO” on the tape, so there’s that.

Don’t Blame Me is a recording of some standup that a guy named Tom Drake did on a cruise ship in 1998.  It’s horrid, but it’s sorta fun to listen to.  I used a picture of Bush ducking from that shoe.

Living in A Difficult Marriage is some religious self help tape for women who deal with abusive husbands.  There are insane stories about pregnant women being shoved out of speeding cars and then people saying that they should stick with their husbands.  It’s hilarious. And pretty awful.

Do You Think They Know What A Longduck Is? is the second mixtape I’ve made lately.

Plone Taps is the holy grail of thrift shop tape finds.  It’s a tape that some dude made for a girl that used to like him. It’s basically him talking into a microphone about his life and how much he misses her and then he starts reading his poetry and then he talks about how he faked his death to hurt another girl he used to like and then he tries to get the girl he’s talking to to cue up a VHS tape of some movie at the same time so they can watch it “together.”  This is the funniest thing ever.  It’s called Plone Taps because he has awful handwriting and he meant to write Phone Taps on the cassette.  He meant to write that because at the start of side one he pretends to be some detective and says something to the effect of “these are the recorded phone conversations of John Doe (I’ve forgotten the dude’s name), if you have any information about him, please contact me.” This guy is insane.  Sample lines from his poetry:  “Hear the Shadows”, “Cries of the Nightbirds”, “Slicked Back Polyester Underhandedness”, “Chemical Prisoners”, and “Dig the Rays”.  Oh also at one point he calls people “insects on the tiles of life”.  This is the greatest tape ever.

Hopefully I’ll stop being so lazy and convert these to mp3 soon. Also some people have asked for copies of Plone Taps, but I feel a tiny bit selfish when I think about sending any out.

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Last night on the national news, someone said they would probably vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama because he said people are bitter.


Yeah, you know, I decide who should run the most powerful country in the world by one fucking statement that they made on one day.  Seriously, if he had said “upset” instead of “bitter” would have made any goddamn difference to anyone?  No.

And hey, I’ll admit, I’m bitter as Campari.

Last weekend The Jerks, had a show with two great bands The Copyrights and Teenage Bottlerocket in Dalton, Ga.  I drove 5 hours to get there and the fucking show was canceled 2 hours before we played.  Of course, the woman that ran the venue knew about the problem for days before the show, but we never heard about it.

Last night I drove to Asheville to see a band called Dead Mechanical.  The show didn’t happen.  Not much fun.

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Bluegrass Question

I enjoy bluegrass music. It doesn’t get played nearly as much as the pop punk that I normally listen to, but it has a regular spot in my rotation. One thing that has always bothered me (at least from the age of, I dunno, 13 or so) is that these bands, either in keeping with tradition or because they really like religion, tend to record about one religious song per album. When I first get the album, I’ll listen to the song out of some weird sense of duty or pure musical curiosity, but after that initial listening, I will unfailingly skip over that track. These songs annoy me to no end. I really don’t understand them. Three tracks earlier the band was singing a song about being a ramblin’ man or about laying as many girls as possible. The fact that it doesn’t fit just seems to bother me even more.

The other day I skipped another one of these songs (I think it was about Moses, you know the guy that talked to a burning plant while builing an ark and sailed it over the red sea with jewish couples onboard in some sort of ancient getaway cruise), and then wondered to myself whether there were any bluegrass bands that consider themselves an atheist band, or at least one or two that have recorded or played a song that could be considered atheist.  I don’t know.  I wish more people read this so I could possibly get an answer back.  I’m going to look into this.

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I’m famous, and other news

A few things for you today.

Evan and I went to a Teenage Bottlerocket show in Laramie while I was out there for Christmas with the family. During the show, they filmed part of their new music video for In The Basement off of their new album, Warning Device. When they show the crowd shots, I’m on the far left and Evan is behind me (he has a beard and glasses).

In other news, I’ve finished the artwork for the new Jerks CD EP. I really like it and think it’s some of the best album artwork I’ve done. I tried to keep it really simple, and I think it worked.

CD cover, Insert, Back

We’re having them printed professionally, and we should also have our t-shirts made by the end of the week. We’ll have stuff to sell at our show in Georgia on the 16th. Also, there’s a chance (which I’ve been told is about 98% confirmed) that we’re going to play a show with Teenage Bottlerocket and the Copyrights. They’re two amazing bands and basically what I’ve been listening to nonstop for the last few months.

It’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees here today. I can’t wait to go on a run.

Last of all, I’m capturing all of the video from my drive last Tuesday. I should hopefully have this edited and up for you to watch by this weekend.

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Palm Beach Gardens

Currently I’m drinking some Kalik beer and sitting my ass in a hotel room. You’re all going to be jealous of my airbrushed t-shirt that says “BITCHIN’!”

Tomorrow I drive from Palm Beach Gardens (home of the PGA Honda Classic) to Miami (home of the Pink Lincolns [one of my favorite punk bands]) to Brevard. I’m guessing it will be around 14 or so hours.

Who else is excited about that?

This evening, I’m pink. In a couple of days I should have a tan. Somewhat.

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Going to Miami

I got roped into driving to Miami for work and doing some recruitment fairs for the camp. I am really really not happy about this whole thing, but I basically couldn’t say no. Added bonus: I’m staying at a coworker’s (a coworker that I really know know all that well) sister’s house. Awkwardness awaits!

The one small good thing is that I’ll be passing through Savannah, so I’ll get to see Jeff and Liz.

So today I’m getting everything together and ready for a way-too-long drive. I think I’m going to set up my video camera (and bring a lot of tapes), record the drive down, and then put it all together so the two of you that read this can watch a very short version of me slowly going crazy over 12 hours in a car by myself. At least that’ll give me something to do, even if it’s pretty pointless. Maybe I’ll find a truck stop and get some west coast turnarounds. No. No, I won’t.

In other news, I’m wearing hats again. I decided it was a good idea. Also, my hair is getting long again. Last time it got really long I had a glorified mullet. It was pretty awesome and yet I hated it. So, we’ll see how long it gets this time. I’m sure I’ll end up shaving it again like I always do and then every girl I know will ask “Why’d you do that?” and I’ll say “Because I wanted to.”

If you can’t tell from the last.fm (it’s a plugin for my iTunes that displays to all of you what I’ve been listening to. click on that link and see my profile) deal I put up on the sidebar of this site, I’ve been listening to a lot of Treephort. They have some great, funny songs.

Ok. I need to get stuff organized for tomorrow. Great.

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