My Favorite Trail

I love running out at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. The trails are some of the best I’ve seen around Atlanta, and there are plenty of miles of them.

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Another Old One


Probably my favorite photo of my dad on his own.

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This morning I went through and scanned some old photos I’ve had in a box under the bed. This is one of my favorite photos of my dad and I.

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More Like Christmas


This year’s Christmas will be a lot different than any I’ve had before.  My parents are going 0ut to Wyoming to spend Christmas with Amanda and Evan. I’ve never spent a Christmas away from my family.  I’m jealous that they get to spend time out in Laramie. I was out there for Christmas two years ago and I loved it.

This past weekend I went down to Roswell to see my parents and see my mom’s side of the family.  Before everyone came over to the house for our annual party, Mom and Dad gave me my gifts, and they were really generous. One of my favorite things they do is give me something small and funny. In the past they’ve given me a Chia pet. This year I got an Eye Grow. It seems like it’s basically a small Chia pet type deal. Anyhow, when I got home yesterday, I watered it and set it going.

I need to set up a light box so I can better photograph stuff.

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Sad Things

The other day, my sister and brother in law’s bassett hound Duncan was hit by a car and killed. He was an awesome dog. He was super sweet, goofy and playful. I didn’t get to spend much time with him because they live out in Wyoming, but I miss him nonetheless. Evan has more pictures and videos of Duncan on his blog.


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Fridge Cleaning Day!

It was a super exciting Saturday here in the Kerchner/Penn house so I decided to add even more excitement to the mix. The best way to do this, I soon decided, was to clean out the fridge. To keep you all informed on the important parts of my life, I took pictures so that you might understand the joy of Fridge Cleaning Day. Completely unrelated, but certainly noteworthy: I no longer have hair on my right hand, as it was burned off in an incident combining a bottle of lighter fluid, an enclosed space and a lighter. Enough chit-chat, here comes the food:

First up: Scott’s crisper (side note: we have our own crispers). Here’s some nice wilted celery:


And some tasty looking cilantro:


And in the “why the hell was this ever here” category is the cauliflower:


Moving on to the shared crisper/cheese storage unit (I think at home we always used this for bacon and cheese and sandwich meat) we find a nice dried wedge of onion:


We’re through with the veggies, so on to the real excitement. Don’t worry, the items get better and better. So after pulling a few things out of the fridge, I found this nice lone egg (perhaps there’s a joke about free range eggs in here somewhere):

lone Egg

Now for the carton of eggs that might have expired a little while ago:

Egg Carton 1

And the expired eggs themselves:


So, now we’re down to the best of the worst.  What’s this container holding in it’s reusable plastic belly?


Oh, it looks like some Thanksgiving gravy!  From Thanksgiving!

Gravy 1

Yep, it’s not seen the light of day for a while.

Gravy 2


Gravy 3

Here’s what most of it looked like together:


I was reminded of that quote from Fight Club.

“A house full of condiments and no food… how embarrassing.”

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