Dollar Mart

Just across the street from my apartment is a strip mall (great place to live!). In that strip mall is the wonderfully named Beef ‘O’ Brady’s sportsbar/restaurant, and a cheap looking Dollar Mart.

I’m not sure of why I first stepped foot in the Dollar Mart, but I’m glad. Behind the dirty looking exterior of what seems to be just another dollar store filled with Chinese made mercury painted plastic goods, there is a huge selection of great food. Somehow this store gets damaged boxes and just-about-to-expire goods. But what makes it great is the selection. The shelves and bins are usually stuffed with organic and healthy food. They also carry a large selection of teas. I’ve been stocking our shelves with PG Tips for months now.

It’s just a store and all, and nothing to get too excited about, but it is nice to be able to buy good foods that cost only $1 or $2.

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Old Habits Die Hard

I’ve cut out most caffeine for the last two weeks, and have had I think two cups of coffee in that time. I was starting to feel pretty rough, so I started having one cup of tea in the mornings. I still end up feeling really rough around 3pm each day, but I’m sure that won’t last a whole lot longer. I’m really glad it’s Friday. I just wish I could be outside today seeing as it’s going to be sunny and 60 degrees.

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