Found On My Run

I actually found this the same day that I found this little gem. It appears that SGI is a server company. This was sitting in the grass next to the St. Francis Hospital parking lot.

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Found On My Run

So I was out running the other day, and passed this by. From a few feet away, it looked pretty odd. After picking it up, it still looked pretty odd. I’ve tried to remove any real identifying info, just because. I really don’t understand the date in the top left though. Is this sheet really 8-9 years old?

Most of the time I just see trash while on my runs around here, but I love finding random stuff like this.

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Changing Things

I’ve set a new workout routine lately.  Since I’ve got nothing else to do but sit around and type on here before I go to bed in a few minutes, I’ll tell you what it is.  Monday: upper body workout at the gym.  Tuesday: run about 5 miles.  Wednesday: same.  Thursday: road bike ride up 276 to the Parkway.  Friday: same as Monday.  Saturday: long run or bike ride, or day off.  Sunday: whatever I didn’t do on Saturday.  I’m already in good shape, but if I keep this up, I should be in great shape and ready for the Assault on the Carolinas at the end of the month.

Today I started the new side of my job.  I’m now doing “maintenance.”  Today I picked up rocks, put them in a cart and moved them to a pile.  After that I took pieces of wood, put them in a truck and then threw them down a hill.  And then finally I walked around a dried lake and picked up trash.  Not very interestingly, I picked up about 120 tennis balls, 10 golf balls, 15 frisbee golf discs, a watch, a Swiffer handle, a pair of underwear, a pair of swimming shorts, and a level.

In conclusion, I need a new job.

P.S. Scott and I finished mudding the office tonight.  Hopefully we’ll finish the room this week and then at some point soon we’ll start on the flooring upstairs.  I’m really enjoying seeing this house come together.

Someone find me a new job.

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