Soldier Half Marathon

This afternoon I’m driving to Columbus, Georgia to run the Soldier Half Marathon on Saturday morning. This will be my third half marathon.

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No Bacon For Old People

In the few days I cooked bacon twice. I don’t usually eat bacon.

Last night I ran by the grocery store to grab a few items (can’t get to the weekend without having some beer in the fridge) and I had to get in line behind this kid that was buying a few items. I noticed that he had ipod earbuds in his ears. I got what some might describe as irrationally mad. At what point in this kid’s life did the kid decide that he couldn’t possibly go 15 minutes in public without having some shitty music blaring in his soon to be deaf ears? Honestly, I’m turning 28 this month and I’m starting to feel more and more like I’m actually getting older, and a lot of that has to do with an internal debate between letting things like this go and raging at the moronic nature of peoples’ habits.

I know in college, and somewhat in high school (though at that point in my life I was basically just an insufferable prick) I had been thought of as the funny angry guy that hates nearly everything. Like some cheap version of Louis Black. In the last few years I really have tried to tone it down, because who really wants to be around someone that hates everything all the time? But what I feel like that is doing is making me into someone who just lets out his anger in a way that really isn’t even funny. I feel like I sound bitter and hateful.

Now, I’m only turning 28. Not even 30. I’m not old, and it’s cool.

I want to run my age in miles this year.

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Another Weekend, More Bad Weather?

It looks like we might be getting more rain/ice/sleet/snow this weekend. I’m hoping to go back to Georgia to see my family, but might have to postpone the trip.

In other news, I’m working on a little project that I’m not letting anyone know about just yet. It’s nothing big, but I’ve been meaning to do this for a few years now, so I’m glad I’m working on it.

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Been Busy

It’s been an interesting week or so. I’ve been working on designing a website with about a week turnaround. That’s the design up there. It needs a lot of work but I’m not worrying about it too much since I don’t have much of a timeline to work on it.

I will be driving down to Jacksonville Beach this weekend to attend my Uncle Terry’s memorial service. I’ll probably spend about 14 hours in the car. It’ll be good to see my family and to hear stories about him.

If I didn’t have so much to do, I’d write more. There’ll be another entry tomorrow seeing as it’s been 6 days since the last.

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