Winter Running Motivation (or lack thereof)

Flying south for the winter.

It’s been damn cold lately, especially at 6 a.m. Couple that with the fact that I’m finally starting to feel better and trying to get back to my regularly scheduled training plan, and you might be able to see why my motivation has been slipping a little. It’s still there somewhere, but sometimes it really helps to find some external motivation as well.

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Recovering, 5ks, and costumes

I was reading Runblogger this morning and came across these videos. Ever since my achilles problem after the Asheville Half Marathon in September, I’ve been reading a lot about injury prevention and recovery, and so I found this to be really interesting.

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What Would You Do For A

ride on a space ship? A whole hell of a lot.

As I’ve told Sara before, I’m a big fan of space. I just recently stumbled upon this video tour of the International Space Station and the Shuttle that was attached. You can watch it here:

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Huntington and Health


I saw this interesting infographic on Executive Healthcare the other day, and it reminded me about something I’d learned last year. I am in Huntington, West Virginia this weekend.  Feel free to read about it at Wikipedia, but make sure to read this article on MSNBC that declares Huntington to be the most unhealthy city in the United States.  Of course, they don’t really agree with that, as you can see in this kinda terribly put together video.

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I’m famous, and other news

A few things for you today.

Evan and I went to a Teenage Bottlerocket show in Laramie while I was out there for Christmas with the family. During the show, they filmed part of their new music video for In The Basement off of their new album, Warning Device. When they show the crowd shots, I’m on the far left and Evan is behind me (he has a beard and glasses).

In other news, I’ve finished the artwork for the new Jerks CD EP. I really like it and think it’s some of the best album artwork I’ve done. I tried to keep it really simple, and I think it worked.

CD cover, Insert, Back

We’re having them printed professionally, and we should also have our t-shirts made by the end of the week. We’ll have stuff to sell at our show in Georgia on the 16th. Also, there’s a chance (which I’ve been told is about 98% confirmed) that we’re going to play a show with Teenage Bottlerocket and the Copyrights. They’re two amazing bands and basically what I’ve been listening to nonstop for the last few months.

It’s supposed to get up to 70 degrees here today. I can’t wait to go on a run.

Last of all, I’m capturing all of the video from my drive last Tuesday. I should hopefully have this edited and up for you to watch by this weekend.

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