That is one hell of a photo.

This was just as I was finishing the Elf Trot 5k (in 20:22, 9 seconds off of my PR, damnit). Possibly the worst photo taken of me. It was freezing and raining, as you can see, and I just wanted to be finished. All excuses aside, that’s just bad. Plus it looks like I’m almost heel striking there. Lazy.

Not surprisingly, Sara loves this.

In other news, be sure to check out Running and Rambling’s giveaway today if you happen to be looking for running tights.

Also, I might have to ‘work’ another 5k this Saturday, so we’ll see what photos come out of that.

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Snow and Ice

It might not look bad here, but since Friday we’ve had snow, sleet, and freezing rain on and off. Greenville isn’t really prepared for this sort of thing, and I guess you could say the state of South Carolina isn’t really either.

It was in the 60’s previously this week. This is just a reminder that winter isn’t quite over yet.

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Between my crazy work schedule and the winter weather, I’ve slowly gotten into bad shape, but lately I’m getting back into a good routine for running. I love it.

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Winter’s on the way.

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I’ve been hiking some lately. Hopefully I can go again before winter is here.

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