Large Hadron Collider collides, finally.


It might not look spectacular, but that image is the display of the first collision in CERN‘s  Large Hadron Collider. The first collision took place November 23, 2009.  It’s been a long time coming, construction started on the LHC in 1983, and there have been many problems, including a big malfuntion, a terrorist scientist, and a fowl accident, all of which lead to some people questioning whether the LHC is being sabotaged by it’s own future. But now that they’ve succeeded in colliding particles, they look pretty happy.

Somewhat related: Anatoli Bugorski, the only known person to stick his head in a particle accelerator proton beam and live.

I guess now’s the time to show you this.

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Huntington and Health


I saw this interesting infographic on Executive Healthcare the other day, and it reminded me about something I’d learned last year. I am in Huntington, West Virginia this weekend.  Feel free to read about it at Wikipedia, but make sure to read this article on MSNBC that declares Huntington to be the most unhealthy city in the United States.  Of course, they don’t really agree with that, as you can see in this kinda terribly put together video.

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Great Wrong-Number Text


I guess Ashraf needs to figure out his friend’s phone number.

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Balsam Grove Part II, Thanksgiving Part I

Bubba was pretty excited I came up to visit.

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Tropical Storm Ida is dumping a bunch of rain over the southeast today and tonight.  It’s a gray morning.

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I got up at 6 this morning and ran. It’s better than a pot of coffee.

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