Paranoid America

i guess i need this now.  awesome.

According to this article ( and the FBI, photographers = terrorists. Thanks, America. You have been so fucking awesome lately. Seriously, keep it up. I guess I need to make this shirt for real:

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cars suck

I drove my car to work yesterday because I woke up late and had a big box of stuff to carry in.  What I should have done was just hook up my trailer.  I was lazy.  On the way to work I noticed gas is like $3.50 now.  That is insane.

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Not So True

Altoids: not really all that curious.

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Broke my chain

Three mornings ago I got on my mountain bike for the first time in a couple months.  I was on my way to work, less than 200 yards away from the house when my chain broke.  Of course I had taken the pedals off of my touring bike, and it was locked in the shed.  I’ve made a pledge to take care of my bikes better.

In other news, I ordered an HD video camera for work, and it should be in today (hopefully).  I’ll be playing around with it to get used to it.  I’ll post some videos on my Vimeo account.  It’s certainly a lot better than YouTube.

Here are a couple of pictures of the chain.  I took these right after it popped off of the bike.

Chain break

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My family’s dog, Beau, died yesterday.  He was a sweet, cute, fun dog and I love him and miss him a lot.

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Last night on the national news, someone said they would probably vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama because he said people are bitter.


Yeah, you know, I decide who should run the most powerful country in the world by one fucking statement that they made on one day.  Seriously, if he had said “upset” instead of “bitter” would have made any goddamn difference to anyone?  No.

And hey, I’ll admit, I’m bitter as Campari.

Last weekend The Jerks, had a show with two great bands The Copyrights and Teenage Bottlerocket in Dalton, Ga.  I drove 5 hours to get there and the fucking show was canceled 2 hours before we played.  Of course, the woman that ran the venue knew about the problem for days before the show, but we never heard about it.

Last night I drove to Asheville to see a band called Dead Mechanical.  The show didn’t happen.  Not much fun.

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Nice nice nice, one prediction

I woke up with a song in my head. Well, a certain part of a Cobra Skulls song “Charming the Cobra” that goes “I wanna know what makes you wake up! wake up!” It was pretty funny waking up with that in my head.

I finished sanding the office walls and washed my bike yesterday. I’m hoping to get at least one coat of primer up today.

It’s getting prettier and prettier here. Most of the trees still haven’t put out leaves, but a few are. This tree is right outside of my office door, and grew these leaves in the last few days:

And these guys are taking up residence right outside of my door. Not a good thing.

I’m cooking dinner for a few people tonight. No idea what, though. It’s supposed to rain this weekend. Lame. I applied for a job in Laramie (which I think I’m really well suited for) and am applying for one in NYC (which, again, I’m well qualified for, but I’m sure there will be a lot of applicants). Wish me luck.

I predict I will eat a burrito for lunch! I CAN SEE THE FUTURE.

EDIT (2:14pm): I was right!!  It was a fish burrito!

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Spring, Brakes, Stickers

Yesterday was beautiful.  It was in the low 70’s and nice and sunny.  When I got home, I took the opportunity to change the rear brakes on my touring bike.  I knew it was way overdue, but wow, check out the old brakes:

So yeah, way overdue.  And apparently I’m really lazy for not having done this earlier.

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My Bike Commute

I try to ride my bike to work most days.  Here’s last Thursday’s commute, in pictures.

I ride my touring bike because I have to take a gravel road for a few miles.  My road bike wouldn’t like that.

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