I woke up with a song in my head. Well, a certain part of a Cobra Skulls song “Charming the Cobra” that goes “I wanna know what makes you wake up! wake up!” It was pretty funny waking up with that in my head.

I finished sanding the office walls and washed my bike yesterday. I’m hoping to get at least one coat of primer up today.

It’s getting prettier and prettier here. Most of the trees still haven’t put out leaves, but a few are. This tree is right outside of my office door, and grew these leaves in the last few days:

And these guys are taking up residence right outside of my door. Not a good thing.

I’m cooking dinner for a few people tonight. No idea what, though. It’s supposed to rain this weekend. Lame. I applied for a job in Laramie (which I think I’m really well suited for) and am applying for one in NYC (which, again, I’m well qualified for, but I’m sure there will be a lot of applicants). Wish me luck.

I predict I will eat a burrito for lunch! I CAN SEE THE FUTURE.

EDIT (2:14pm): I was right!!  It was a fish burrito!