Bugs and Peppers

All of my plants are doing really well, and I’m pretty happy to have the little container garden so far. I still miss having Scott’s back yard as a garden, but this is working out pretty well where we are at the moment. One thing I’ve never really had to deal with so far is bugs eating my plants. Call me lucky, but it was never a concern. But over the last few days, something has been chewing up my pepper plants. Whatever it is doesn’t really seem to mind if its eating the bell pepper leaves or the hot banana pepper leaves.

Well I finally went out and bought some Sevin. I was going to get the dust, as my dad had advised, but I found they had a spray and so I got that. It was about the same price, plus I felt alright leaving the bottle outside. I also bought some bird netting to put over my tomato plants. The birds around here have been pecking at the green tomatoes and that was making them rot before they had the chance to ripen.

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Well, the basil seeds we got from IKEA finally grew up. I had to buy new pots and split the plants into three different pots. I should have done this earlier. I also got some bird nets for my tomato plants, since the birds around here love to peck at the tomatoes.

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More Leaves

I swear I have pictures of things other than this tree. I’ll start posting those asap. Looks like this weekend is going to be rainy.

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Another Collage Thing

I really do enjoy making these things. Because of that, we have a huge stack of magazines. At some point I’m going to have to recycle most of them, but I’m still finding pages to cut out.

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I found out this morning that I’m not going to have to move to another apartment in our complex. I put in notice that I was leaving a month ago, but then found out that I had more work to do. It turns out in that time the apartment had been rented out. I’ve been worried about this for a couple of weeks, but am really happy to know I don’t have to move this weekend.

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Things Are Getting Busy

I’ve been messing around with some more collages. They’re not all weird though. Someone please find me a job, thanks.

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It’s Hard To Argue With Spring

But lately it’s been a mix of Spring and Summer. Our Spring started with temperatures in the mid eighties. It was a shock, and an odd start to the season.

It was great to sit on the deck and watch the leaves grow on the trees daily. I’d say within a week the trees went from barren to almost full. It was amazing. Sweeping the pollen off of the deck, though, wasn’t the best.

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Quick Basil

It’s hard to believe thisĀ  basil grew so quickly. I might need to transplant this soon. The parsley, however, is another story. It’s barely growing, and though I started some more seeds, they’re not doing a thing.

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I think I forgot I had a website. Went to Savannah over the weekend, had a lot of fun. This weekend I’m heading to Atlanta. I’ll try to get back to posting stuff regularly on here, I was doing well for a while.

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I went home over the weekend to have Easter dinner with my family. I had a great time and ate some great food. My mom gave me some flowers, which I put in a planter that had some kale in it over the winter.

It’s been pretty hot lately, and even got up to 91 yesterday.

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