Palm Beach Gardens

Currently I’m drinking some Kalik beer and sitting my ass in a hotel room. You’re all going to be jealous of my airbrushed t-shirt that says “BITCHIN’!”

Tomorrow I drive from Palm Beach Gardens (home of the PGA Honda Classic) to Miami (home of the Pink Lincolns [one of my favorite punk bands]) to Brevard. I’m guessing it will be around 14 or so hours.

Who else is excited about that?

This evening, I’m pink. In a couple of days I should have a tan. Somewhat.

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Smart Move

Healthy living probably doesn’t include taking your daily vitamins with beer.

When you read this, I’ll be driving to Miami.  Unless something happens that prevents me from doing so.  Don’t worry, it’s a short, pointless post.  And there will be more on the way.

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Going to Miami

I got roped into driving to Miami for work and doing some recruitment fairs for the camp. I am really really not happy about this whole thing, but I basically couldn’t say no. Added bonus: I’m staying at a coworker’s (a coworker that I really know know all that well) sister’s house. Awkwardness awaits!

The one small good thing is that I’ll be passing through Savannah, so I’ll get to see Jeff and Liz.

So today I’m getting everything together and ready for a way-too-long drive. I think I’m going to set up my video camera (and bring a lot of tapes), record the drive down, and then put it all together so the two of you that read this can watch a very short version of me slowly going crazy over 12 hours in a car by myself. At least that’ll give me something to do, even if it’s pretty pointless. Maybe I’ll find a truck stop and get some west coast turnarounds. No. No, I won’t.

In other news, I’m wearing hats again. I decided it was a good idea. Also, my hair is getting long again. Last time it got really long I had a glorified mullet. It was pretty awesome and yet I hated it. So, we’ll see how long it gets this time. I’m sure I’ll end up shaving it again like I always do and then every girl I know will ask “Why’d you do that?” and I’ll say “Because I wanted to.”

If you can’t tell from the (it’s a plugin for my iTunes that displays to all of you what I’ve been listening to. click on that link and see my profile) deal I put up on the sidebar of this site, I’ve been listening to a lot of Treephort. They have some great, funny songs.

Ok. I need to get stuff organized for tomorrow. Great.

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Handling Things

Though this post might appear to be about things with handles, it actually isn’t. However, if you are looking for things with handles

Wait, no, forget that. This is definitely about things with handles. In fact, it’s a list of things with handles.

Here are things with handles:

*Ok since you all really had some great ideas, and I had apparently left off a few things, I’ll add more to the list. So here it goes, the full list of things with handles:

  1. Coffee mugs
  2. Knifes
  3. Doors
  4. Some boom boxes
  5. Milk jugs
  6. This website
  7. Doors
  8. Love (like love handles. Maybe this should be “belly” instead. Let me think about it.)
  9. Tea Pots. Definitely.
  10. My uncle and Aunt’s dogs when they have their life jackets on for swimming in the lake that doesn’t exist anymore.
  11. Some liquor bottles. I’ll count this though it is very close to milk.
  12. Truckers. I’ll also accept this, though they are figurative handles.

Ok, so that’s it. I know it. That is THE list of things with handles. Completely full and not missing anything. Thanks for the help, people. Make sure you ignore everything that’s written after this. It’s completely outdated and has no relevance now that this list has been completed. I am certain that we’ve finally listed all things with handles.

Well, I think that’s a pretty exhaustive list of things with handles. If you happen to come up with anything that I’ve missed (though I doubt you’ll be able to) please let me know. I’m sure I can add it to the list. But I really think this is about everything.

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A Few Things

People asking for freelancers pretty much anywhere are ridiculously flaky.

My job is asking me to maybe do some traveling and possibly run some camper recruitment parties. I’d have to recruit kids to come to a camp I’ve never been to while it was in session. is beyond awesome.

I want to live a normal life (like I had in Athens) for a little while.

I want to go on another bike tour. Badly.

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Building an Igloo Video

It took a while, but I finally got all 4.5 or so hours of the igloo building footage onto my computer. So, here’s the video:


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Snow, etc.

Scott and I didn’t go to work yesterday. We got 6″ of snow and then some sleet. Since we didn’t have work, Scott and I built an over 8 foot tall igloo. I started around 8:30 or so, and we worked until about 2:30 or 3. I filmed the whole thing, so once I’m able to get that on the computer, I’ll do a time lapse deal with it and upload it to youtube or something.

We’re supposed to get 2-4 inches more tomorrow.

In other news, I think I might be getting sick or something. Not feeling too great.

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i’d rather be dreamless

I hate dreams.

I hate dreaming. I never sleep well when I dream. Last night I got back from Rome, had a few beers and then went to sleep semi early, hoping that I’d be well rested in the morning. But all night I was dreaming and when I dream it’s like I’m barely even asleep. That coupled with the fact that the heater went crazy in the middle of the night and didn’t shut off, waking me up at about 1:30 because I was sweating, didn’t help my sleep.

I really miss the sound of crickets at night.

So I’ve seen quite a few shows, but Saturday was the first that was stopped because of a possibly life threatening injury.

I went to see Attractive Eighties Women and a couple of other bands at the Earl in East Altnata. The opening “band” was called Bases Loaded and they called themselves a Rollie Fingers tribute band. They were hilarious. It’s two guys, who apparently do improv/standup type stuff, on bass doing covers (and one or two originals) of classic rock somewhat badly while wearing Oakland A’s shirts, hats and Rollie Fingers-esque fake moustaches. They were great.

After that it was some boring indie type band called Pistolero.

Then Attractive Eighties Women came on (it was their CD release show at the Earl in east Atlanta, by the way) and were a ton of fun. They play rock & roll/punk but they keep everything funny.

So they’re 1/4 or so into their set, everyone’s singing along and having fun, and then this girl runs up to the stage, just to my left, and throws a glass toward the lead singer. In half a second it hits the mic stand, shatters, and hits the lead singer’s arm. She’s gone before anyone realized what happened, and all of a sudden the singer is sitting on the ground holding his wrist and there’s blood all down his arm. He tells someone to call an ambulance, suddenly there’s a cop in the room, he calls for an ambulance on his radio, the show’s over and the singer’s out the back door on the way to the hospital. The guy’s arm was sliced from his wrist almost to his elbow.

Update: it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d thought. Check out what the guy wrote about it here.

It was a big letdown to what was turning out to be a really fun show, and it was really unexpected.

I’m trying to stay positive about everything. I think if I didn’t run, I’d be feeling a lot worse lately.

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Back to it. Back to the routine, back to work, back to the house, back to Brevard.

It was great to get away for a while. The trip to Laramie somewhat satisfied my wanderlust for a little bit, but I think it also stoked my desire to travel again. There’s something inside of me that constantly makes me want to move. There have been very few things that have made that feeling stop, but they’re pretty much gone now. I should have just left on a trip when my last job fell through. I enjoyed helping Scott work on his house, and I think we’re going to start working again very soon, but now I’ve got this itch to get on the move again. I guess I’ll just try to ignore it and humor it with running.

My laptop died a horrible death the other day. I ordered another one and it should be here tomorrow.

I ordered a bunch of 7″ records lately, and I’m going to start converting vinyl to cd’s for some family friends. I figured I’ll put up a Craigslist post as well if I can figure out a decent hourly rate.

While I’m still working on getting some sort of portfolio designed for, I put up some samples of my work at Hopefully that’ll help me get a few freelance gigs.

Scott’s gone until Saturday, and living alone again is interesting. I tend to be a hermit when I live alone.

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