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Extra time

When I get an extra minute or two at work I end up wasting it in mildly interesting ways.

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Sweet Potato Souffle

There’s a potluck Thanksgiving lunch at work on Friday. I basically had to sign up, so I’ve decided to make Sweet Potato Souffle. And of course I had to remind myself by post-it note.


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10 steps back…

This summer has been a bit of a disaster. Well, running-wise at least. Outside of the running, I’ve gotten a new job, I was able to move into Atlanta like I’d wanted to for a little while, and am now able to see my friends a lot more. Plus it’s nice to live so close to great places like the Porter Beer Bar.

So there have been definite upsides (I mean I’ve seen more bands play shows in the last month that I did all last year), but with all of these changes came a serious disruption in my running schedule and my usual routines.

Man or Astroman? at the Earl


I get pretty sick of getting into routines, but it had been working well for me with my running. I’d usually get a ~10 mile run in before work a few days a week with a longer 15 or so mile run on the weekends. It was great, I was routinely running 40+ mile weeks and feeling as strong a runner as I ever had. But, of course, things change. I got a new, better job, which is great but left me with less time for runs in the mornings. Couple that with the fact that, for the life of me, I can’t seem to sleep well these days, and there you have a few reasons as to why I can’t seem to get up on time anymore. It’s not so much that I don’t have the desire or the drive or any of that (I signed up for an ultra marathon, I mean come on), I just sleep right through the alarms.

So I was pretty happy two weeks ago when I finally got back to a 40 mile week. Though my runs were more in the evening and not really on any set plan, I was still happy to get the miles in. Until the Monday when I headed out for a longer run and ended it short thanks to some tendonitis in my right Achilles. Lame. I’ve taken a couple weeks off and had a short 3 mile run yesterday, but I’m still not back to 100% and it’s frustrating. I was hoping to run in the Asheville Half Marathon and beat my time from last year by a few minutes, but it’s not happening.

So now I’m playing it safe and trying to get some rest and recovery in. Hopefully I’ll be back out on the road soon though. I’ve got some new running shoes to break in.

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It’s Official

As of a week from now, this will no longer be my desk. Which, I mean, is pretty great. While I’ve liked working here at the Chattahoochee Nature Center, I’m ready for a change (and a company that is willing and able to spend money when needed) and a new set of challenges. I’ll be a Graphic Designer at a publishing company in Atlanta.

And that change brings about another one,  I am now looking for a place to live in Atlanta. It’ll be nice to be closer to friends and have more social opportunities.

Of course I won’t be able to go on midday runs or show up early and leave early anymore. But at least my compensation will balance out the downsides.

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I went out on a canoe trip at work the other day. We needed photos to promote our educational programs, so I got 3 hours on the Chattahoochee.

Two more:

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I need a new job

If for no other reason than to pay for all of the races I want to run (that and other, more mature reasons).

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Easy Going

I took some photos of some native plants that they’re selling at work. I’ve used them in marketing material for work but I like them so I figured I’d post them here.

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Moving forward

Well as I’d stated before, I’ve been busy lately. I had the quarterly newsletter to put together at work and then had my biggest mileage week yet training for the Snickers Marathon Energy Bar Marathon (what a ridiculous name, right?). Things are back on track though. I’ve also had some decent beer lately.

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I hate that this happens so often, but I’m extremely busy with some deadlines at work and my motivation to post on here has waned a bit lately. That’s going to change though.

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