Recovering, 5ks, and costumes

I was reading Runblogger this morning and came across these videos. Ever since my achilles problem after the Asheville Half Marathon in September, I’ve been reading a lot about injury prevention and recovery, and so I found this to be really interesting.

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The Beaver Returns

I took a bunch of photos of this little guy at work, so I figured I’d show you how friendly he was.

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Work: A Photo Tour

my desk

Welcome to my desk.

You might be wondering if I’ve spread a bunch of crap across my desk to make this picture look a little more interesting, but you can just relax. It’s usually this disorganized and scattered. Or at least it usually looks that way. It’s actually a great system.

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Not feeling so well

I haven’t felt great this week (or last week for that matter). I also haven’t been running thanks to my Achilles. I’m aiming to start back tomorrow and hopefully that will help.

I took this photo at work this morning. I took about 200 or so today. There are a few good shots out of all of those.

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Cold Morning

It was 46 when I got to work this morning. Still, I went out to take some photos for the new blog at work. I liked this one a lot. The flowers are Tatarian Aster.

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Even more blogging

I took this at work the other day. I am now in charge of a blog for the nature center and so I’ll be writing more about nature and taking more photos. It’s going to keep me busy but I think it’ll be a good thing. I’ll post the link on here when we decide to go live with it.

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Work is getting pretty busy lately, but I’m making progress on changing the way things are done there as far as the marketing and communication. I think I’m going to be able to make a big difference there. In the mean time, I’m exhausted. Also, since the half marathon I haven’t really been able to run due to my left Achilles giving me problems. So I’m not really feeling my best.

Other than the complaints, things are going well. I really need to start taking some pictures.

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I have too much going on. Thankfully I’m taking a long weekend and going to the beach.

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Down, Out, and Busy

Well after a big storm yesterday, my internet went out and has been down for over a day. I’ve also been really busy at work, but it’s still going well.

Jeff and Liz are coming to visit on Friday so it’ll be an eventful weekend.

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New Job, New Commute

I really like my new job. It makes a huge difference in life if you enjoy what you’re doing, and I’ve just recently realized how true that is. That said, the only downside is my 30 minute commute. It’s actually not too bad, I get to listen to the news on the radio and then a little music before I get started for the day, but it’s still not ideal. I’m aware I was spoiled with my 5 minute commute in Greenville, but I basically hated going to work every morning so that wasn’t such a great thing anyhow.

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