Working on a bottle opener for a good friend. It’s nice to take a little break from spoons for a bit. Today weather here in Atlanta was also a nice break from the dreary rain.
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Oh man. I had so much damn fun at #phoenixfest today. The Send Blimp collective really liked it. @hilarykart and @tinkertownpies really brought the fun and we got to meet some really interesting and fun people. Now for Book of Colors and some (more) beers.
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Seeing as it’s #followfriday you all should see the rest of the #sendblimp team. Tomorrow @hilarykart will be slinging amazing paintings and @toroktoberfest is going to pleasure you orally with pies galore. Come see us tomorrow at Phoenix Festival. #phoenixfest
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Been working on enjoying life lately, haven’t focused on the spoons so much. But, my first craft fair is Saturday, and I’m working on finishing up a lot of stuff.
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Fuck it, have a free spoon. If you’re at the #l5p Halloween festival then find the guy with the red shirt and messenger bag and you get this spoon. If you’re here quick you’ll get a beer too.
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