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NC again

We went up to North Carolina to see my parents for Thanksgiving but didn’t stay long. It was fun anyhow.

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Like I said

I said I woke up clumsy. Then I broke a can opener trying to get into some sweet potatoes.

I’ve broken two can openers in about 3 weeks. This seems odd somehow. Oh, the photo is from somewhere on the Art Loeb trail.

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The Mountains

Last weekend I went up to North Carolina. I wish I could have stayed a week.

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Trips and Stumbles

Despite my sprained ankle less than two weeks from my first marathon, I’m getting more and more excited about the race.

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Back to it

The past week has been one of those predictable back-to-work-but-still-feeling-like-I’m-on-vacation weeks. Keeping a regular running schedule has helped though. It’s kinda tough going from this:

to this:

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The last two weeks in photos

I’ve been a little absent on here, but that’s because I went up to Laramie, Wyoming, and then enjoyed the rest of my break from work. But I did happen to take a bunch of photos, so it wasn’t a complete wash.

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Beer tasting, Fort Collins, Laramie

For the Christmas holiday, I flew out to Denver to be with my family in Laramie. Evan picked me up at the airport on Thursday after a packed flight. We headed straight to Fort Collins to visit a few breweries before we drove up to Laramie.

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