Growing Things

Our basil and parsley are coming along alright. Sadly, this is about all I’ve planted this year. It’s hard to plan stuff when we’ll be moving in a month.

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What Would You Do For A

ride on a space ship? A whole hell of a lot.

As I’ve told Sara before, I’m a big fan of space. I just recently stumbled upon this video tour of the International Space Station and the Shuttle that was attached. You can watch it here:

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Time to Move

My apartment management have put these fliers up around the complex. Apparently they like to fly cash in front of me. I’d really like to talk to whoever typed that sentence.

But in all seriousness, it looks like I will be moving within a month. Greenville doesn’t have anything left for me, so I’m going to head down to Atlanta and look for some opportunities there. I’ve been applying to jobs anywhere around Atlanta. This complex has just about driven me crazy at times, from the neighbors next to me who have fights in the middle of the night to the toddler that screams/screeches 24/7 below me, to the old neighbor that ran into my car while I was stopped. It’s time to go.

Ideally, I’d be able to find jobs and a decent house to rent, but as of right now, everything is up in the air. I’m trying to stay positive about it though.

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Really Reaching

Here’s where I’d really like to write something clever, funny, insightful, or possibly just anything at all that isn’t me whining on about stuff. Sadly, I’m pretty tired. Really, there’s a lot going on at the moment. Anyhow, I’m just going to leave it at that and I’ll just have to really start working on telling you people something semi-interesting soon.

Here is a picture of an out of focus bird and an in focus branch.

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Census 2010

We got the census, so it’s time to fill it out. The questions are pretty boring.

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Spring Hiking

I went hiking in the Paris Mountain State Park on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and the warmest we’ve had so far this year. The trees were still bare, but it was nice to get outside. Apparently half of Greenville (and their dogs) thought the same thing. It was busy on the trails, which is always¬† a bummer. I hiked about 5 miles. I would have known exactly what we had hiked, but my Garmin 305 gps decided to stop working altogether that morning (looks like I’ll be returning it to REI in Atlanta this weekend).

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Found On My Run

I actually found this the same day that I found this little gem. It appears that SGI is a server company. This was sitting in the grass next to the St. Francis Hospital parking lot.

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Creepy Photo

Apparently my phone took this picture at some point last weekend. I have no idea what it’s of. I think it’s kinda funny because no matter which way I flip it, I can’t figure out what was in front of the lens when it was taken.

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Found On My Run

So I was out running the other day, and passed this by. From a few feet away, it looked pretty odd. After picking it up, it still looked pretty odd. I’ve tried to remove any real identifying info, just because. I really don’t understand the date in the top left though. Is this sheet really 8-9 years old?

Most of the time I just see trash while on my runs around here, but I love finding random stuff like this.

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sorry we’re not there to celebrate with you!

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