Down, Out, and Busy

Well after a big storm yesterday, my internet went out and has been down for over a day. I’ve also been really busy at work, but it’s still going well.

Jeff and Liz are coming to visit on Friday so it’ll be an eventful weekend.

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This is A Picture Of Grass On A Hill

It is what it is.

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New Job, New Commute

I really like my new job. It makes a huge difference in life if you enjoy what you’re doing, and I’ve just recently realized how true that is. That said, the only downside is my 30 minute commute. It’s actually not too bad, I get to listen to the news on the radio and then a little music before I get started for the day, but it’s still not ideal. I’m aware I was spoiled with my 5 minute commute in Greenville, but I basically hated going to work every morning so that wasn’t such a great thing anyhow.

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New Way to See

My mom gave me an awesome early birthday gift. It’s a great lens, and as you can see here, it takes some pretty good macro shots. Actually it does much better than this, but my compact flash card is screwing up so many of the photos I took today were corrupted.

I found this caterpillar while I was watering the tons of plants I have out on our balcony.

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I’m So Lazy

Yet another photo from the weekend.

Yesterday at work I got an email about free plants that the horticulturalist was giving away. I ended up with two flats of salvia and some milkweed. I also got three Thai chili plants, and a few other flowers. It was funny driving home, I had a tv that Sara’s dad had given us in the backseat and every other free spot filled with plants.

This afternoon I potted some of the flowers and planted the chilis in a big container. I’ll post some pictures of our patio tomorrow.

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More from the weekend

This is another shot from the festival over the weekend. I thought it was a pretty good candid shot.

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I worked on Sunday for the Butterfly Festival we were putting on at work. My mom came out to help with photos. She took a bunch and after checking this morning, I noticed I took over 500 photos.

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This is Ours

Cobb County really likes to mark their territory.

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So we¬† moved to a great apartment, but the first week was pretty rough due to the fact that we have trains going by throughout the day. It took about a week for me to get used to them running by during the night, and now I don’t wake up at all. Luckily they are going pretty slow when they pass our apartment.

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Vinyl to mp3


I’ve been meaning to do this for two years, but I’m finally starting to convert my vinyl records to mp3. It’s kinda fun because I get to listen to the album pretty much straight through. Tonight I’ve converted Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves – Roll With Me and The Thermals – The Body The Blood The Machine. Two great records.

I plan on giving my dad a copy of Roll With Me. I think he’ll really like it.

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