Work is getting pretty busy lately, but I’m making progress on changing the way things are done there as far as the marketing and communication. I think I’m going to be able to make a big difference there. In the mean time, I’m exhausted. Also, since the half marathon I haven’t really been able to run due to my left Achilles giving me problems. So I’m not really feeling my best.

Other than the complaints, things are going well. I really need to start taking some pictures.

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Half marathoning

I’ll stop talking about it, but first I guess I ought to say that I did pretty well in the Asheville half marathon on Saturday. I ran it in 1:41:55 and placed 140 out of 1288 finishers. I’m glad I took it easy last week and had been staying on top of my training. It really helped. I was happy to have Sara and my mom with me at the finish line. Sara actually took this photo, which is a lot better than the official race photo of me. I enjoyed running with Scott for about half of the race, and I was constantly worried that he was about to pass me for the second half.

I had a great weekend overall, if you don’t count the redneck with a swastika tattoo across his back on the four wheeler with a rifle in his lap that decided to take a joyride on our property up in Balsam Grove. Yep.

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Heading to NC

Sara and I are headed up to North Carolina this weekend. I’m running in the Asheville half marathon tomorrow morning at 7:30, and we’ll stay up in Balsam Grove and spend some time with my parents. I’m really excited for the race and ready to see the mountains again.

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Well alright

I got some new shoes. Actually I technically got two pairs. My first pair seemed great in the store, but they really hurt when I went out and ran 4 miles. I have been running in Nike Free 3.0s for the past year and a half and it was a huge shock to change to a full support running shoe with a huge heel. I really couldn’t run like I normally do. So I finally returned them and got these. They’re really pretty ugly but they feel great. Honestly, I never thought I’d own anything with a tribal tattoo looking design on it. Anyhow, the half marathon is next weekend. I’m pretty excited and have sorta started tapering on my training. I wasn’t planning on it and said I wasn’t going to try hard and just treat it like a normal training run, but when I thought about it I knew I was lying to myself. I don’t really expect a great time but I know I’m going to run harder than I have in any of my training runs. Considering I did 14 miles on Monday, I feel pretty prepared. I just hope the hills aren’t too terrible.

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Packing my bag

Yet staying in town. We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us, but thankfully Sara and I have Monday off of work.

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