I jumped off of this

Though not recently.

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NC again

We went up to North Carolina to see my parents for Thanksgiving but didn’t stay long. It was fun anyhow.

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Try again

This wasn’t the best attempt at a long exposure shot of the stars. I’ll try again tonight.

This, however, was on purpose.


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It was a little foggy yesterday morning.

I should have used a real camera.

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Yesterday I played a pickup game of soccer for the first time in at least a year. Before that I hadn’t played for probably two to three years. I am incredibly sore today. I figured I would be a little tired and sore but nowhere near this. I should play more often.

I have been sporadically keeping bottle caps from all of the beers I’ve had over the last year or so. Here is 100 of them. I don’t keep doubles, so any of the same caps are of different beers from the same brewer. I should have kept better track of this stuff previously.

Even my arms are sore. How does that happen?

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Like I said

I said I woke up clumsy. Then I broke a can opener trying to get into some sweet potatoes.

I’ve broken two can openers in about 3 weeks. This seems odd somehow. Oh, the photo is from somewhere on the Art Loeb trail.

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Woke up clumsy

Apparently I woke up clumsy today. I keep dropping things and my hands feel useless for some reason.

Here’s a picture of stuff hanging in my closet. I don’t wear many of these very often.



















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Sweet Potato Souffle

There’s a potluck Thanksgiving lunch at work on Friday. I basically had to sign up, so I’ve decided to make Sweet Potato Souffle. And of course I had to remind myself by post-it note.


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Typical day

I bet I go through a post-it note pad a week.

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