It’s A Day Late, But…

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  I couldn’t have had better parents, and I know that some of the best parts of my personality come from both of them. I can’t even imagine what 32 years is like to look back on in a relationship (and with my memory, I’ll just have to trust Sara to fill me in).

As a side note, it’s funny to me that the same clock is still sitting on that mantle. Wait, unless it’s on the other fireplace mantle. See: terrible memory.

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Is It The Weekend Yet?

This week hasn’t been the greatest. I’m ready for the weekend. Also, last night I opened a bottle of wine that is only three years younger than me. It’s not the greatest. Plus the cork was dried and crumbled while I opened it.

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A Little More Like Spring

The weather has been warm enough for me to drive with the windows down (and consequently, with the music blaring) lately. It’s been nice, but I expect a couple more wintry weeks before we really start feeling spring around here.

In other news, I’ve applied for a thousand jobs anywhere from Washington D.C. to Savannah and everywhere in between. Still haven’t heard back from any though. Searching for jobs is one of the most demoralizing tasks I can think of.

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Nice Weather We’re Having

This photo has nothing to do with the weather though.

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It seems like I’ve made way too many trips to the grocery store this week. On one of my last visits, I picked up two pieces of fruit that I’d never had before (or at least can’t remember having).

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New Dryer

My dad and Marc came up from Atlanta today to deliver a new old dryer to Sara and I. Our dryer died about a month ago, and it’s been pretty annoying to take the laundry to the apartment wash room.

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The Most Ok Show On Earth!

I saw that the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey circus was coming to Greenville, and the local newspaper had an article about them marching the animals from the train station to where they were performing, so I decided to go into town and watch them walk by. I know, it sounds like I’m living in the early 1900’s or something.

The “greatest show on earth” wasn’t exactly. There were about six elephants and nothing else. It was still fun to see, but lasted all of 3 minutes. I can’t believe the newspaper had a whole article about it.

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Cooking With Sara

I had a feast for my Valentine’s dinner. It was a shrimp barbecue slow cooker recipe from the new cookbook that Amanda and Evan gave me for Christmas (thanks!), and I made some polenta and boiled artichokes to go along.

Everything was great except the shrimp was way overcooked, so I’ll have to adjust the heat settings for our slow cooker. I’ve never used it before, but hey, six months after I got it, it was time to open the box.

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Taxes ‘N Baking

What a romantic Valentine’s Day. Yesterday I did about 90% of my 2009 taxes.

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Dollar Mart

Just across the street from my apartment is a strip mall (great place to live!). In that strip mall is the wonderfully named Beef ‘O’ Brady’s sportsbar/restaurant, and a cheap looking Dollar Mart.

I’m not sure of why I first stepped foot in the Dollar Mart, but I’m glad. Behind the dirty looking exterior of what seems to be just another dollar store filled with Chinese made mercury painted plastic goods, there is a huge selection of great food. Somehow this store gets damaged boxes and just-about-to-expire goods. But what makes it great is the selection. The shelves and bins are usually stuffed with organic and healthy food. They also carry a large selection of teas. I’ve been stocking our shelves with PG Tips for months now.

It’s just a store and all, and nothing to get too excited about, but it is nice to be able to buy good foods that cost only $1 or $2.

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