my desk

Welcome to my desk.

You might be wondering if I’ve spread a bunch of crap across my desk to make this picture look a little more interesting, but you can just relax. It’s usually this disorganized and scattered. Or at least it usually looks that way. It’s actually a great system.

Not only that, but I have a great file system for completed projects:

That’s right, I clip the related notes and samples together and then put it in a drawer. I should teach a class on this someday. People need to know.

But the excitement of this office doesn’t end there. No, you’ve yet to see the ingenious way that I enter and exit my glorious office.

“Oh snap,” you might be thinking, “is that a big board leaning up against a doorway with no actual door on it?” If you were thinking that, you’re right. Congrats.

Nope, I don’t actually have a door. Listen, it takes years of hard work, a great economy, and good luck to get to where I am now, so don’t think you can have all of this right away.