Though this post might appear to be about things with handles, it actually isn’t. However, if you are looking for things with handles

Wait, no, forget that. This is definitely about things with handles. In fact, it’s a list of things with handles.

Here are things with handles:

*Ok since you all really had some great ideas, and I had apparently left off a few things, I’ll add more to the list. So here it goes, the full list of things with handles:

  1. Coffee mugs
  2. Knifes
  3. Doors
  4. Some boom boxes
  5. Milk jugs
  6. This website
  7. Doors
  8. Love (like love handles. Maybe this should be “belly” instead. Let me think about it.)
  9. Tea Pots. Definitely.
  10. My uncle and Aunt’s dogs when they have their life jackets on for swimming in the lake that doesn’t exist anymore.
  11. Some liquor bottles. I’ll count this though it is very close to milk.
  12. Truckers. I’ll also accept this, though they are figurative handles.

Ok, so that’s it. I know it. That is THE list of things with handles. Completely full and not missing anything. Thanks for the help, people. Make sure you ignore everything that’s written after this. It’s completely outdated and has no relevance now that this list has been completed. I am certain that we’ve finally listed all things with handles.

Well, I think that’s a pretty exhaustive list of things with handles. If you happen to come up with anything that I’ve missed (though I doubt you’ll be able to) please let me know. I’m sure I can add it to the list. But I really think this is about everything.