I hate dreams.

I hate dreaming. I never sleep well when I dream. Last night I got back from Rome, had a few beers and then went to sleep semi early, hoping that I’d be well rested in the morning. But all night I was dreaming and when I dream it’s like I’m barely even asleep. That coupled with the fact that the heater went crazy in the middle of the night and didn’t shut off, waking me up at about 1:30 because I was sweating, didn’t help my sleep.

I really miss the sound of crickets at night.

So I’ve seen quite a few shows, but Saturday was the first that was stopped because of a possibly life threatening injury.

I went to see Attractive Eighties Women and a couple of other bands at the Earl in East Altnata. The opening “band” was called Bases Loaded and they called themselves a Rollie Fingers tribute band. They were hilarious. It’s two guys, who apparently do improv/standup type stuff, on bass doing covers (and one or two originals) of classic rock somewhat badly while wearing Oakland A’s shirts, hats and Rollie Fingers-esque fake moustaches. They were great.

After that it was some boring indie type band called Pistolero.

Then Attractive Eighties Women came on (it was their CD release show at the Earl in east Atlanta, by the way) and were a ton of fun. They play rock & roll/punk but they keep everything funny.

So they’re 1/4 or so into their set, everyone’s singing along and having fun, and then this girl runs up to the stage, just to my left, and throws a glass toward the lead singer. In half a second it hits the mic stand, shatters, and hits the lead singer’s arm. She’s gone before anyone realized what happened, and all of a sudden the singer is sitting on the ground holding his wrist and there’s blood all down his arm. He tells someone to call an ambulance, suddenly there’s a cop in the room, he calls for an ambulance on his radio, the show’s over and the singer’s out the back door on the way to the hospital. The guy’s arm was sliced from his wrist almost to his elbow.

Update: it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d thought. Check out what the guy wrote about it here.

It was a big letdown to what was turning out to be a really fun show, and it was really unexpected.

I’m trying to stay positive about everything. I think if I didn’t run, I’d be feeling a lot worse lately.