Back to it. Back to the routine, back to work, back to the house, back to Brevard.

It was great to get away for a while. The trip to Laramie somewhat satisfied my wanderlust for a little bit, but I think it also stoked my desire to travel again. There’s something inside of me that constantly makes me want to move. There have been very few things that have made that feeling stop, but they’re pretty much gone now. I should have just left on a trip when my last job fell through. I enjoyed helping Scott work on his house, and I think we’re going to start working again very soon, but now I’ve got this itch to get on the move again. I guess I’ll just try to ignore it and humor it with running.

My laptop died a horrible death the other day. I ordered another one and it should be here tomorrow.

I ordered a bunch of 7″ records lately, and I’m going to start converting vinyl to cd’s for some family friends. I figured I’ll put up a Craigslist post as well if I can figure out a decent hourly rate.

While I’m still working on getting some sort of portfolio designed for, I put up some samples of my work at Hopefully that’ll help me get a few freelance gigs.

Scott’s gone until Saturday, and living alone again is interesting. I tend to be a hermit when I live alone.