Yesterday was beautiful.  It was in the low 70’s and nice and sunny.  When I got home, I took the opportunity to change the rear brakes on my touring bike.  I knew it was way overdue, but wow, check out the old brakes:

So yeah, way overdue.  And apparently I’m really lazy for not having done this earlier.

The new ones need a tiny bit of adjustment, but here they are:

Also, I put a sticker on the bike.  I’m going to throw a bunch on there and try to make it look like it’s worth even less than it looks at the moment.  Thanks for the sticker, Evan.

I was going to wash the bike but it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and all weekend, and possibly snow on Monday, so I figured I’d wait until Tuesday to do it.

Oh and just for Evan I figured I’d put up a picture of our green, green yard.

And I took this photo this morning when I got to work:

In other news, the last of the mudding is done in the office upstairs.  I’ll probably sand that this afternoon and hopefully prime it tomorrow and maybe even paint it and move stuff in this weekend!