I try to ride my bike to work most days.  Here’s last Thursday’s commute, in pictures.

I ride my touring bike because I have to take a gravel road for a few miles.  My road bike wouldn’t like that.

The house.

Going 30mph doesn’t help the photography skills.

I learned things here.  Mainly how much I hate small schools with no budgets.

“Traffic” in Brevard.  I don’t usually ride on the sidewalk, but people with these trailers and big trucks are freaking dangerous around here.  Seriously, one guy swerved in front of me the other week and then threatened to kick my ass.  Sweet!

The usual amount of traffic.

The town’s bike path.  A mile long path that starts nowhere of importance and ends at the hospital.  I wonder if they realize how that sounds.

The bike path.  I don’t really know why I even use it.

The end of the bike path.

So slow.

Beginning of the gravel road.

Great conditions!

Sign – “Don’t drive into the creek.”

A field.

Confused calf.

Part of campus.