Yesterday I ran 16 miles on 3/4 of the proposed Atlanta Beltline with some friends. It was awesome. Running on railroads and abandoned trails and rails with friends was great.

6 a.m. and I didn’t need a headlamp. Which was good because I forgot mine.

It seems a lot of animals die on train tracks. Saw a dog with it’s head cut off from the train. Sad stuff.

Sand cars.

For a while I got into a pretty good rhythm while running on the railroad ties, but they were so randomly placed that it was hard to keep it going.

I think this was around when Josh was telling me to hurry up as we heard trains nearby. Tunnels are fun.

I can almost see my house from here.
I think we realized we didn’t have to be quiet at this point. All that was left were the satellite dishes and some parts of the walls.

Nettles everywhere.