I enjoy bluegrass music. It doesn’t get played nearly as much as the pop punk that I normally listen to, but it has a regular spot in my rotation. One thing that has always bothered me (at least from the age of, I dunno, 13 or so) is that these bands, either in keeping with tradition or because they really like religion, tend to record about one religious song per album. When I first get the album, I’ll listen to the song out of some weird sense of duty or pure musical curiosity, but after that initial listening, I will unfailingly skip over that track. These songs annoy me to no end. I really don’t understand them. Three tracks earlier the band was singing a song about being a ramblin’ man or about laying as many girls as possible. The fact that it doesn’t fit just seems to bother me even more.

The other day I skipped another one of these songs (I think it was about Moses, you know the guy that talked to a burning plant while builing an ark and sailed it over the red sea with jewish couples onboard in some sort of ancient getaway cruise), and then wondered to myself whether there were any bluegrass bands that consider themselves an atheist band, or at least one or two that have recorded or played a song that could be considered atheist.  I don’t know.  I wish more people read this so I could possibly get an answer back.  I’m going to look into this.