I have to get to work early so I can leave early. Otherwise I end up running in the dark as the temperature drops. You know, I really thought it would be worth starting a blog. Almost immediately I’m considering this a possible mistake. I mean it’s the first post and I started out talking about the weather.

The guy that had my job before me is possibly the most unorganized person ever. I’ve been sorting through all of the DVD’s and CD’s he left around the office and it’s insane. There’s a shitload of Prodigy (the “band” not the 1990’s internet community thing) cd’s, a bunch of random software and then the occasional work related files. Then there’s the audio CD that’s titled “Wheezer.”

Chris, the bassist for the Pheramones, started a new side project deal. He’s calling it Dick. It’s easy to tell the songs are influenced by Dead Milkmen, and they’re pretty damn good. So next show we’ll be playing them. New music like that gets me excited about playing shows.