Sara and I ran 15 miles on Saturday. We were really only supposed to run 10, but since we’ll be in Balsam Grove next weekend, we switched the runs. We were pretty tired since we kinda needed a rest (well, a 10 mile rest) after the Soldier Half Marathon. We’ll just do 10 on Thanksgiving morning instead of 15. It’s going to be fun to run on a new trail. I always loved trail runs in Brevard.

Last night I made some great fried noodle cake, shrimp, and bok choy dish for dinner. I tried to make it last week but it was only ok. I got it right yesterday.

I suppose it would be a good idea to link to the recipe. Mark Bittman’s Crisp Noodle Cake with Stir-Fried Greens and Shrimp. Also, I don’t add any extra water, as we use probably twice the recommended amount of bok choy and it has a good bit of water in it. And I cook the shrimp in a separate pan with a tiny bit of soy sauce and some pepper, otherwise they get rubbery.

Here’s the data from our run: