A few weeks ago our dryer quit drying. It would run, but wouldn’t actually heat up. I did what anyone would do, called my dad to see what he thought, and looked up any info I could on Google. I eventually opened the dryer up to start figuring out what parts needed to be replaced and was a little shocked to see what was in there.

That photo was after vacuuming for a couple of minutes. The dryer was a fire waiting to happen, honestly.

This was the intake behind the lint trap. It apparently didn’t trap much.

I honestly don’t know how this thing didn’t go up in flames, but I do know that I’ll be cleaning it out frequently. I’d like to mention that I’m sure most of that came from the previous owner. Next time we get anything secondhand, I’ll be doing a more thorough check of it. Anyhow, I eventually had to replace the heating element. It was actually only about $30 at a local appliance parts store. A lot cheaper than a new dryer.