I haven’t been running much lately due to a broken hand and a little too much comfort. To get myself back to race shape, or at least something close to it, I’ve decided to run all of the roads in Atlanta’s different neighborhoods.

First up: Inman Park

This is where I first lived when I moved to Atlanta, and though my current residence is no longer in the neighborhood, I still live on the edge of it. What better neighborhood to start with?

I’ve probably run all of these roads before, but for the sake of mapping them out and keeping this project going I figured I’d just start from scratch (I feel like I’m doing the same with my fitness levels).  This shouldn’t be too challenging to finish up a few neighborhoods, but it looks like these winding streets will force me to overlap my old paths quite a bit.

Streeets in Atlanta's Inman Park neighborhoods that I've run so far.

Streets in Atlanta’s Inman Park neighborhoods that I’ve run so far.