Sweet Potato Souffle

There’s a potluck Thanksgiving lunch at work on Friday. I basically had to sign up, so I’ve decided to make Sweet Potato Souffle. And of course I had to remind myself by post-it note.


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I went out on a canoe trip at work the other day. We needed photos to promote our educational programs, so I got 3 hours on the Chattahoochee.

Two more:

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Left Behind

This isn’t about the idiotic snuff book series about the collective christian dream about armageddon, so don’t get your hopes up.

It looks like a cricket left something behind on my bell pepper plant. I guess I’ve never seen this sorta thing, and it’s pretty interesting that it was left upside down.

Anyhow, work’s going well for me and Sara started her new job this week.

It’s my birthday this coming Tuesday. This weekend I am planning on going to Tasty China,an authentic Sichuan Chinese restaurant here in Marietta. I’ve seen it referred to as the best Chinese restaurant in the Atlanta area, so hopefully that’s close to being true. I’m pretty excited to try something authentic and hot.

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New Job, New Commute

I really like my new job. It makes a huge difference in life if you enjoy what you’re doing, and I’ve just recently realized how true that is. That said, the only downside is my 30 minute commute. It’s actually not too bad, I get to listen to the news on the radio and then a little music before I get started for the day, but it’s still not ideal. I’m aware I was spoiled with my 5 minute commute in Greenville, but I basically hated going to work every morning so that wasn’t such a great thing anyhow.

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More from the weekend

This is another shot from the festival over the weekend. I thought it was a pretty good candid shot.

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Well Alright

Everyone needs a month off every once in a while, right? I keep saying that things are about to change, but maybe this time I really mean it for real.

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Spring Is Soon

I went to IKEA the other weekend, and I grabbed some basil and parsley. I started the seeds on Sunday the 28th, and this is what the basil looks like as of yesterday.

When I woke up this morning, it was 50 degrees outside so I decided I’d ride my bike to work for the first time this year. I miss riding my bike.

I’m glad winter is on the way out and I’m ready for warmer weather.

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New Job, New Computer, Old Computer

I moved jobs within my company, and had to give up the nice laptop that I had been using. My new computer is ancient, and when I fired it up and tried to open a PowerPoint file, I was reminded of something I hadn’t seen in a while. Sorry about the over-compressed jpg, I had to edit it on MS Paint. Yes.

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I’ve Been Wondering

For the last year and a half I’ve been in a job that doesn’t really fit what I want to be doing. I’ve been unhappy for a while.  I come home in a bad mood, I don’t really enjoy most of my day, and I feel like I’ve somehow gone off track from where I was heading in my career goals.


Last Thursday I was called into my boss’ office and told that she had to make cuts, and being as I’m one of the newest employees in the department, I was out of a job here. Admittedly, I had been wondering if this was coming for months. It wasn’t a horrible thing to hear, and I really wasn’t stressing too much (it was odd though, I’ve never been laid off).

The good news, though, is that they found a position for me in another area of the company. For the next two months I’ll be working on the branding for a division of the company. I’m pretty excited, and am looking forward to next Monday.

The slightly bad news, if you didn’t catch it, is that the position is only for two months. So I am making plans to find something else. That means going somewhere else. And I’m concentrating on Savannah, Georgia.

The next few weeks should bring some interesting changes and hopefully some more good news. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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