I’ve mentioned I’m going to be riding the Assault on the Carolinas previously, but I figured I’d let you all know what it is. It’s a 100 kilometer bike ride beginning in Brevard, looping around down into South Carolina and then back up to Brevard. Here’s what their website says about the 100k ride:

The 100K has everything from: flats, rolling hills, the Walnut Hollow climb (hello, it’s me, Hall. I’ll just tell you that this is a hell of a hill. It’s like 14% grade for way, way, way too long), fast descents, and a grueling 6-mile climb up Caesar’s Head near the North Carolina-South Carolina border. This ride will take you through the river valleys of Transylvania County, up Walnut Hollow, and up and over Hwy 178. Hwy 178 offers some amazing descents, with miles of curves, that will be enjoyed by all who ride the course. Once riders cross Hwy 11 in SC they will ride rolling hills and some flat sections where many pace lines of varying abilities form. When riders reach the bottom of Caesar’s Head they begin a challenging 6 mile climb to the top. Once over Caesar’s head it’s @ 15 miles back to Brevard High School with more descents, flats, and a ride back through the river valley. This ride has 5 rest stops.

It is a lot of fun, and a lot of work. I’m excited about riding it this year, because I’m in a lot better shape than last year, when it wiped me out. I am a little disappointed that none of my friends are riding in it this year. Hey Evan, fly our here and ride it with me!

Today was the second day I’ve commuted to work by bike. It was freezing cold this morning, but it really is better than driving. Yesterday I took my mountain bike, but it’s frustratingly inefficient, so I cleaned up the touring bike and took that this morning. I ride a gravel road part of the way, so the bigger tires really help with that, plus I can put my panniers on and don’t have to mess with my messenger bag which kinda sucks loaded down. The trip is about 5 miles one way. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

This weekend (Friday and Saturday) Brevard College is hosting the Banff Mountain Film Festival world tour, and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been going for the last few years, and it’s consistently pretty good. I looked over the list of films they’re showing this year, and it seems like there are a lot on skiing. I swear, someday when I actually go on my long tour, I’m going to film it and it’ll get in this thing.

Oh, and I told you all I’d have a picture of the stray dog I found, so I’ll have to do that this evening. I forgot yesterday.