I’ve finally settled into a routine in Brevard. That, coupled with the fact that it gets dark around 6pm, is really bothering me. I tend to do well with regular schedules, in that I get more done in a day and I don’t put stuff off as long. But at the same time, I start going crazy when my day adds up to work, run, shower, eat, tv/guitar, read, sleep. I can’t stand it. I need a band to play in, or something going on out of the house so I have new input, new information and experiences.

A venue the Pheramones used to play is starting a podcast, so I sent them a song to play on it. Also, I sent a cd of ours to a website so they could review it. Might as well find something to do with the music since we haven’t played in a while and it’s looking like it might be a while longer before we get a show.

So it’s December. That means it’s the month of Christmas! Yay! 25 fucking days of the same shit over and over. Merry Christmas, It’s the 5th of December! Fuck off. It’s not. I love Christmas on, say, Christmas eve and Christmas day. Other than that, fuck you, call me Scrooge. This fact was hammered home last Saturday when I couldn’t get home from work (yay for working during the weekend!) because there was a parade going down the main street I have to turn off of to get to my house. So I parked on a bridge and walked about a mile home because on the first of December someone decided it was Christmas and time for a parade. Gotta pack the month full of that crap, you know?