It was a super exciting Saturday here in the Kerchner/Penn house so I decided to add even more excitement to the mix. The best way to do this, I soon decided, was to clean out the fridge. To keep you all informed on the important parts of my life, I took pictures so that you might understand the joy of Fridge Cleaning Day. Completely unrelated, but certainly noteworthy: I no longer have hair on my right hand, as it was burned off in an incident combining a bottle of lighter fluid, an enclosed space and a lighter. Enough chit-chat, here comes the food:

First up: Scott’s crisper (side note: we have our own crispers). Here’s some nice wilted celery:


And some tasty looking cilantro:


And in the “why the hell was this ever here” category is the cauliflower:


Moving on to the shared crisper/cheese storage unit (I think at home we always used this for bacon and cheese and sandwich meat) we find a nice dried wedge of onion:


We’re through with the veggies, so on to the real excitement. Don’t worry, the items get better and better. So after pulling a few things out of the fridge, I found this nice lone egg (perhaps there’s a joke about free range eggs in here somewhere):

lone Egg

Now for the carton of eggs that might have expired a little while ago:

Egg Carton 1

And the expired eggs themselves:


So, now we’re down to the best of the worst.  What’s this container holding in it’s reusable plastic belly?


Oh, it looks like some Thanksgiving gravy!  From Thanksgiving!

Gravy 1

Yep, it’s not seen the light of day for a while.

Gravy 2


Gravy 3

Here’s what most of it looked like together:


I was reminded of that quote from Fight Club.

“A house full of condiments and no food… how embarrassing.”